New Delhi Railway Station

August in Delhi #1 (Step into Delhi)

  • October 11, 2022

Hi, I know I am not writing in an order, sorry for that, but here I wanted to share the first week of my Delhi life. I went to Delhi by 12625 / KERALA EXPRESS from Gwalior, I reached Delhi on time, train was pretty clean, but I have got the upper berth and it was freezing in it ;-; . After getting down at New Delhi Railway Station, my first thought was damn this place is crowded AF. And then I booked a Cab, had to book 4-5 times because they were not ready to take me to Rohini, after multiple attempts a guy from uber agreed for it, but he asked me to visit at the traffic light outside the New Delhi Railway Station, since I had no other choice, I went to him.

Photo I took while waiting for the cab.

So, my ride started. I was constantly checking the Map because I watch news’s 😅😅😅 and I have heard several cases of Delhi, So “Bilkul risk nahi lene ka re baba”.

Now during the ride, I realized few things in Delhi, first is Traffic is too much hence more fuel wasting, I think Cabs should switch to Electric Vehicle as soon as possible. Second is, it’s too hot in Delhi and Pollution level is really amazing. Third is mostly people here are chasing something that I couldn’t find what it is, they are always in rush. And while admiring the city and roads my destination arrived and I reached the Rohini Sector 2. That’s it, I will write more stuff later, I am bored now.