Sushi at Yum Yum Cha in Aug 2022

August in Delhi #2 (Another Day)

  • November 9, 2022

So, after stepping my foot in Delhi, lots of people suggested me to visit the DLF Cyber Hub. Which is basically a hyper advance area located in Gurugram. And one thing I can say after going there is that place doesn’t reflect Indian culture or anything, it was like I have switched the country, it was very clean area, Amazing Outlets and restaurant to eat, club and bar was not as it should be because obviously people are still “Dill se Indian”, here people are trying to be like someone they are not, and for that I have mostly observed they try to look like Europeans, Americans, Latins, etc. but internally they are still failing to be like them, which is at some-point puts them in a hanging situations. One thing but I appreciate here Girls were dressing as they want and no one objectifying them which was really awesome, and they had no problems from the guys who were checking out them which was pretty cool too. Well, this was my opinion, and as long as they are happy by the way they are, I am happy for them. And now let’s come to food, after looking into lots of restaurant and cuisines we have decided to go with the Asian Cuisine at “Yum Yum Cha”. First thing about this place was staff was very professional, kind, they have great suggestions in their menu if you ask them, which is good for someone like me, who is trying these things for the first time. Food preparation was very fast, and I really loved the guy who served us that day, his way of mixing noodles and serving it perfectly was amazing. Seriously I am impressed with that guy. Now come to taste, first experience of Shushi and seriously as soon as I put it in my mouth, I tasted the heaven, the taste of sushi filling, sauce, wasabi, everything was like a blessing.

After this amazing Sushi we have tried Udon noodles, and this is the point where I fell in love with the guy serving us, seriously very professional. I will try to find a video of him serving and update this post later. And that guy was speaking English more fluently than me, that was impressive AF. I don’t remember anything else much about that place. Just big building standing Infront of hiding poor society of India.