Night walk on 4th December 2022

It’s winter again – it’s still same

  • December 24, 2022

Last year when winter was leaving thing were different and I wanted them to be like that throughout the year. But as soon as winter started approaching again, my life at some level again started going back to where it was last winter.

Night walk on 4th December 2022
Night walk on 4th December 2022

Last winter was little down for me, I was achieving things that I wanted that time, but I am not feeling like myself, I was missing something inside me, but during winter somethings happened, changed me a lot, I started looking at the life with different perspectives, I was finally living the life and not in the way I wanted it to be but yet I was enjoying, I was feeling like I am living the life for someone else, doing crazy stuff, pushing myself to be something I would have never imagined to do, I was liking my new self.

I went on multiple trips; I was not afraid anymore; I was finally sleeping without thoughts running through my mind.

But now winter has approached again, I have lost myself to this world chaos now. Last winter I was getting good in Freelancing, this winter I am getting good at my corporate job. Last winter I was sick and fat, I am getting fat again maybe because I have been trying to eat my emotions out. Last winter I was hanging in between if covid is over or not, same thing happening now. Last winter I was alone, this winter I am alone again. I am feeling like I don’t want to share anything about me to known anymore again this winter. I have lost all my interest towards things I want to do for myself again this winter, this winter I again want to be with me, I want to enjoy myself again. I don’t want to right much about my winter, but I would be happy to share with someone in personal. Winter have always been a little low time for me, but like every winter I am going to live out this one too.